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Data Warehousing

Learn Data warehousing and energize your career. Take up our specialized course that has evolved from our BI Implementation experience practice in an advanced Lab. choose from a number of course options that suit your individual requirements of duration, including a project course built around real life case studies.


If a data exploration environment is to be useful it must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Complex questions can be asked with a simple SQL query.
  • Different questions imply very similar SQL query structure.
  • Very different questions require very similar processing time to answer.
  • Exploration can be done from any computer anywhere

The goal is that a business expert can sit down at a Web browser, use a sequence of forms to specify a query and get a result back in an amount of time that seems reasonable.

It will be impossible to achieve this with our standard OLTP data models. Answering a particular question may require JOINing in four or five extra tables, which could result in a 10,000-fold increase in processing time. Even if a novice user could be guided to specifying a 7-way JOIN from among 600 tables, that person would have no way of understanding or predicting query processing time. Finally there is the question of whether you want novices querying your OLTP tables. If they are only typing SELECTs they might not be doing too much long-term harm but the short-term processing load might result in a system that feels crippled.

It is time to study data warehousing.

Eligibility: MCA, BCA, B.Sc.(IT), M.Sc.(IT), M.Sc.(CS), B.Sc.(CS), B.Tech, B.E.(Any Branch), O Level, A Level
Duration: 3 Months
  • What is OLTP database
  • OLTP & Datawarehouse
  • DW building Blocks
  • Architecture of DW
  • Introduction to Schemas
  • Functional Dependency
  • E-R Diagram
  • Oracle
  • DDL
  • DML
  • DCL
  • TCL
  • Transformation
  • Joiner
  • Lookup
  • Rank
  • Router
  • Sequence Generator
  • Source Qualifier
  • Update / Sorter
  • Logical / Physical Design
  • Informatica
  • Business Objects
  • Data Mining
Extra Support
  • Books
  • CD
  • Labs : 7:30 am to 9:00 pm
  • Live Projects
  • Course Certificate
  • Confirmation Letter / Training Letter/ Project Letter
  • For Degree Pursing Candidates To Submit In Colleges
  • Consultants/Faculties
  • All our consultants are professionals working with MNC’s,Company & Many More
  • Experience Certificates
  • All our students would be given experience certificates after successful completion of their Live project.
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Regular Job updates on our website.
  • Resourcing Through Consultancy Services
  • Regular Walk Ins
  • Exclusive Walk-ins For Integrated Infotech Students
  • Campus Interviews
  • Resume Updation
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