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IITCS onsite computer training instructors are experts in their field and deliver outstanding training programs. We come to your office, lab, corporate building, boardroom or other location and provide the training your employees need in order to perform their best. Onsite corporate training offers the best of all options, a knowledgeable instructor, accessible employees, cost effective instruction, onsite computer training .

The Students Benefit From Onsite Training Because:
  • We can plan the courses around both individual and department schedules and deliver them in a custom format that meets your needs.
  • Every student receives the same learning experience.
  • Employees are trained using real world, objective specific scenarios which ensures the success of your project.
Companies Benefit From Onsite Training Because:
  • Productivity is controlled with adjustable course scheduling.
  • Training costs are reduced because you can train a large group of employees.
  • All employees connect and are on the same wavelength.
  • Course objectives can be customized to fulfill corporate training needs.

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