IITCS(Integrated Info Tech)

17 Reasons to Work with IITCS

1. Good Employee Relations and Fair Treatment

Maintaining good employee relations is a very important aspect in any organization. The concerns and grievances of employees and always heard and resolved. All such matters regarding breach of conduct are dealt fairly and quickly.

2. Internal Promotion Prospects

Frequent promotions are given to ambitious and worthy employees irrespective of their experience who show exceptional performances and show their worth. Our company has always given ample opportunities to employees to grow and excel.

3. Flexibility of Working Hours

Employees are given flexibility in working hours so that they do not miss out on important family milestones or for any other genuine reasons because of their jobs.

4. Learning and Responsibility

Ours is a growing company and thus we keep incorporating new projects, ideas and innovations that come in our way. This gives the employee exposure in various profiles along with the profile for which they were hired. They adopt new skills and responsibilities to utilize and accelerate their talents and knowledge. This will enable the employees to offer much more as an individual.

5. Fun Fun Fun till Daddy takes the T-Bird Away

We don't have a pre-defined work culture with existing set practices. At iitcsens, we make work fun. You get to work with smart and innovative people who have Employees are excited to come to the office each day expecting the task assigned to them to be more challenging and fun at the same time. We work hard and party hard. So whoever likes this rule is welcome to join us.

6. Chance to learn from True Innovators

iitcsens is a company that has been set up by an IIT Bombay Alumni. Our mentors have a unique mental and professional makeup which sets them apart from other competitors in business. Their innovative nature, ability to approach problems differently and constant yearning to find solutions lets the employees to learn plenty from them.

7. Your Work is Recognized

What happens in other corporate offices is that during startup, most of your hard work goes unrecognized or someone else tries to plagiarize the work done by you. But at iitcsens, a job well done rarely goes unnoticed and the praise & glory that comes after it is yours to bask in.

8. Friendly Work Environment

Our work environment is awesome. Since everyone here works hard to meet their targets, the environment here is kept positive, energetic and fun so that employees can relax and relieve their stress.

9. Motivating Leaders

Here at iitcsens, employees are regularly pumped with motivational speeches and experiences shared by seniors which drives them to work harder and perform better so that their true potential can come out.

10. Self Sustainability

For a fresher, the natural wish to be self sustainable is magnified and multiplied. More important than any other benefit of working here is the realization that hard work, creative thinking, and tenacity are worth a whole lot. The skills you pick up as a fresher play a key role in being self sustained in the later stages of your professional life.

11. You'll be Pushed

As mentioned earlier, you will be assigned various other tasks other than just one job that you were hired for which is a great chance for you to push yourself. You are given a chance to dig deep and prove yourself and everyone else that you can rise to any challenge; and that is an exhilarating feeling.

12. You have the Autonomy to Lead

As we said, employees are allowed to move much quicker within the organization. This gives them a chance to lead, take charge and take important decisions for the team. Your opinions start mattering and you are a part of almost all important discussions and meetings.

13. No Bureaucracy

Here at iitcsens once your potential has been established, you don't have to keep waiting for endless approvals. Your decisions will be trusted and acted upon and you will be expected to make decisions quickly and respond to changing scenarios.

14. Start Doing Real Work

Every work you do will make a difference. Everything you do plays an important role in the success of the team that you are a part of. You are forced to be more creative and focus on what's absolutely critical. Lastly, you get to see the results first-hand and make necessary amendments if needed.

15. Promotion of Creativity

Hard work, creative thinking, and tenacity are worth a whole lot, so all innovative and creative ideas are promoted here. You'll discover a joy in creating and doing, rather than consuming. Being creative is an innate trait that is often suppressed with time. So come up, be our part and unearth skills and qualities you thought you never had!

16. You get to do a Lot of Different Things

One of the advantages of working with us is that you will get a chance to work on a lot of projects other than the main task that you are assigned. This will account in your overall growth and development and will increase the horizon of the stuff you know.

17. You'll Find Passion you didn't Know You Had

Our passion is contagious. When you're with us, you become a part of this passion and start doing work like this is what you were meant to do. Since you start making and implementing your decisions at some point, you passion towards work grows seeps into your peers and juniors and drives them as well.

Now We are Hiring!

PHP Developer

Position: 1
Min Exp: 3 Years
Eligibility: Any Graduate / Post Graduate (Any Specialization)
Status: Open
Location: 301 Kanak Braj Complex, Near by Nageswar colony Mor, Boring Road Patna

Required: PHP, HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Javascript, MySQL

: Vinay Kumar | : | : 8603333147

.NET Developer

Position: 1
Min Exp: 3 Years
Eligibility: Any Graduate / Post Graduate (Any Specialization)
Status: Open
Location: 301 Kanak Braj Complex, Near by Nageswar colony Mor, Boring Road Patna

Required: ASP, C#, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Javascript, SQL

: Vinay Kumar | : | : 8603333147